2727 Sulphur Springs Ave.
St. Helena, CA 94574
Known as a unique gem of St. Helena, The White Barn is an 1872 Carriage House that was once part of early Napa Valley entrepreneur Erasmus Keyes’ home and winery estate. Located at the end of Sulphur Springs Avenue in ... more ››

All previously scheduled White Barn shows
have been postponed due to the pandemic.
We’ll resume live performances this fall.
Thanks for your support over the
30-plus years we’ve been here.

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A performance art venue set in Napa Valley vineyards

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Unreturn’d: An Englishwoman’s
Love for Walt Whitman

In the early 1870s. Anne Gilchrist, an educated English writer, began corresponding with Walt Whitman after he sent her his grateful admiration for a glowing magazine article she wrote, “An Englishwoman’s Estimate of Walt Whitman.” When she set sail …

Rescheduled Date to Be Announced
Ticket price $30.00
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Hollywood Comes to St. Helena
(or, We Have a Barn, Let’s Put on a Show!)

Travel in time to Rick’s Americain Café, Catfish Row, and Paris to hear music from the movies “Casablanca,” “Porgy & Bess,” “An American in Paris,” and “Gigi.” Singers Eileen Hunt, Patti Coyle, Ted von Pohle, and Joe Pesch will revive the haunting melodies …

Rescheduled Date to Be Announced
Ticket price $30.00